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Contest Details

Starts on 9:59am GMT on Monday October 1st, 2007

Submissions are to be turned into's Submission Page by 9:59am GMT, Monday, October 8th, 2007.
Please wait until after October 8th, 2007 for's voting method to become active.
Voting will end 9:59am GMT, Oct 15th, 2007. Winner is determined independently of The Shifter Archive.
Times may seem odd. Well that's because is based in the HST Timezone.

Contest Rules for Entries

I should mention this, but the rules for entries are the same as they have always been for Strip Fight: 


Everyone is welcome and eligible to participate except Fesworks.
Void where this type of contest would be considered illegal.
Contest is free to enter.

Fine Print

There is currently no prize for 2nd or 3rd place... Sorry, just can't afford it. Contest is funded by Fesworks, unless This site's Project Wonderful Ads, or Donations kick in a lot in the next 2 weeks, there is just a $30 (USD) Check or Paypal prize for the First Place winner.

If USD is not used where you live, there can be a conversion done through paypal for you local currency, if supported by Paypal, equivalent to $30 USD at the current rate at the time of transaction. If this option does not work, we'll work something out via e-mail.

Fesworks and The Shifter Archive are responsible for this contest. Any concerns about it should be addressed to 'fesworks' at his gmail. Technical concerns of's voting system should be addressed to Though it should be known they have taken every step they can to prevent cheating.

Both and The Shifter Archive are on servers in the United States of America.

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