"Draw" to Win Contest!

Teaming up with WAGON Webcomic Battle,
The Shifter Archive brings you a 2008 Jenny Everywhere contest!

Just draw a Jenny Everywhere character for a new Character Card for this webcomic themed trading card game, by July 21st, 2008; and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will win one full game deck along with their new card!

The first, and LIMITED run of the "Zero Deck" is on pre-sale now!
Hurry before the run ends at the end of July (supplies pending)!
After that the Alpha and Beta Decks will be released!

(This sample card may not reflect the final card).

Main Contest Details

Contest runs from June 23rd, 2008 until (Monday) July 21st, 2008 @ 12:01am -6 GMT

You must hand in your submissions in to FESWORKS-at-GMAIL-dot-COM,
with the Subject: "Jenny Everywhere 2008 Contest".

Voting will start within 24 hours of the contest end. VOTING WILL BE HELD PUBLICLY,
and will run until
(Sunday) July 27th, 2008 @ 12:01am -6 GMT

Submission Guidelines for Entries

  1. Artistic content may not be above a PG-13 rating.

  2. Submissions should be 2in x 1.25in at 300dpi (basically 600x375 in pixels)

  3. Submissions should be non-compressed (Save at max quality).

  4. Submissions should be in a high quality (see above) PNG, JPG, or even PSD.

  5. Do not include any words.

  6. Final images may be slightly cropped for detail or best fit.

  7. There is a stock background we can use if you don't draw one. Including your own background is not required.

Contest Rules & Restrictions

  1. More than one submission, per artist, will not be accepted.

  2. Drawing an existing Jenny Everywhere character THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU, is prohibited.

  3. If own an existing Jenny Everywhere character, you MAY submit a new drawing of the same character.

  4. If multiple votes by a single person is detected, ALL of THEIR votes will be disqualified.

  5. Everyone has the right to CHANGE their submission ONE TIME before the deadline.
    (Like if "OOPS" mistakes need to be corrected, or if decide to go with an original design,
    instead of one based off of an existing character of yours... and vice versa)


Everyone is welcome and eligible to participate except Fesworks.
Void where this type of contest would be considered illegal.
Contest is free to enter.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receives a WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG deck
that contains at least 40 WAGON cards, including THEIR Winning Jenny Everywhere Card!

(Image is a sample, and does not 100% depict final winnings).

Each winner's individual cards will be a permanent part of the WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG.
Each card will have the same abilities and stats as the other winners (expect possibly first place).
You will get a special Copyright notice at the bottom of the card. 
"JennyEverywhere.net" will be placed as the card's URL*

First Place
1st place winner will receive the Limited Edition "Deck Zero", PLUS their winning submission on a Character Card.
This card will be deemed a "Rare" card, and will not be included in any full deck for sale.
This card might something extra on it, pending certain factors.

Second Place
2nd place winner will receive the forthcoming "Deck Alpha", INCLUDING their winning submission on a Character Card.
This card will be permanently apart of "Deck Alpha".

Third Place
3rd place winner will receive the forthcoming "Deck Beta", INCLUDING their winning submission on a Character Card.
This card will be permanently apart of "Deck Beta".

Fine Print

* "JennyEverywhere.net" will be placed as the card's URL, unless a winner used a Jenny from their OWN Jenny Everywhere webcomic. In which case, we can put a link to that comic instead, as long as the URL is 25 characters or less. Otherwise "JennyEverywhere.net" will be place there instead. JennyEverywhere.net will also display and link out to the winners' domains (if any).

Sales made on winners' cards via WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG's Decks, Cards, and Boosters, go right back into funding WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG... mostly because production costs still need to be made, and any "profit margin" is negligible. This same rule applies to ALL participants and contributors of WAGON Webcomic Battle. This may be readdressed in the future.

Additional information about the cards, decks, and game can be found on WAGON Webcomic Battle's website.
Otherwise e-mail either The Shifter Archive or WAGON Webcomic Battle with your questions and/or concerns.

Rights:  WAGON Webcomic Battle and The Shifter Archive DO NOT claim your submitted artwork's rights. They are YOURS.
Non-Compete Clause: In the unlikely event of another, different Trading Card Game, winners may not use the same exact art for it.

There is a chance that The Shifter Archive may end up making a Jenny Everywhere themed 52 card Poker Deck, utilizing the entries from this contest. Save your originals and/or 600dpi versions of your work if you'd like the possibility to do this as well. This possible Jenny Everywhere Poker Deck will NOT use anyone's images without their permission. Also, right now, it's still in "It's an idea" mode.

Fesworks and The Shifter Archive are responsible for running this contest. Any concerns about it should be addressed to 'fesworks' at his gmail.

Both WAGON Webcomic Battle and The Shifter Archive are on servers in the United States of America.

Contest Over: See Entrants


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