Many New (to the archive…) Additions to the Archive, in time for Jenny Everywhere Day 2012!

Finally got around to updating a few more things to the archive. Very sorry for the delay! Trying to work on it right now. Basically, I take a few hours to try and add content to the archive, then making a post about what I added. I hope to make another additional post within a day or two!

In the meantime, be sure to check over at the Jenny Everywhere Day blog for 2012 entries!

New Sources:

Cameo Appearance in a comic about a government-sanctioned class for super-powered humans.
Creator / Copyright: Andy Mason
Original Source:
Special School: Short Trips & Sidesteps (3 consecutive strips)

Passing Cameo Appearance in an airport scene.
Creator / Copyright:
Elizabeth “Liz” Staley
Original Source:
Adrastus: Chapter 5, Page 15

A 5 page, short story
Creator / Copyright: Jack Harvey aka “El Presidente”
Original Source: Betrayal of Brothers

A 26 page, Black and White comic, in Spanish. Jenny makes a cameo appearance.
Creator / Copyright:
Alberto Silva
More information on The Shifter Archive..

Single Comics, under a common theme.
Creator / Copyright: Jack Harvey aka “El Presidente”
Original Sources: Rules of the Multiverse #36 | Rule #23

Single Comic. ‘Tis the season.
Creator / Copyright:
Jack Harvey aka “El Presidente”
Original Source:
Merry Christmas Everywhere


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